„My passion is the evalu­ation and in­tegration of sustain­able com­panies in the creative industry in brand and tech. It’s about Strategic Alliances, mer­gers of inde­pen­dent agencies to achieve market stability at the next level or customer-oriented acquisitions to close white gaps. Before we talk about num­bers, the focus is on cor­porate cul­ture and empathy, then on a meaningful corporate strategy. It is only on these quali­tative pillars of 1. culture and 2. strategy that 3. value is built - the quantitate success of a long-term agency architecture.” (Heiner Jensen)

This mantra promotes the de­velop­ment of long-term alliances with parters who want to take a more sustain­able path than a tem­po­rary finan­cial investment. A modern M&A boutique creates and net­works future-relevant quality.