JensenConsulting started already in 1981 in coaching future-relevant com­panies in the classic brand world - both in the industrial sector from German Mittelstand to global consumer goods companies - as well as in the inter­national agency spectrum of both the net­works and the in­creasingly important, innovative independents.

This basis was followed around 2000 by exper­tise and ex­pansion into technology-driven functions and markets. Today, the agency architect can use this know­how to opti­mally inte­grate the worlds of brand and technology.

In the ongoing challenge of the market around AI, New Work and every­thing that will come to us from 2025, the optimal evalu­ation, net­working and inte­gration of social and pro­fessional com­petence in our people busi­ness remains the key to success.